Sunday, February 17, 2013

Homeschool Rally at the Statehouse - SC

Homeschool Rally at the Statehouse - United to Preserve Our Freedom

Where: SC Statehouse (North Side @ Front Steps)
Date: Thursday, February 21, 2013
Time: 10 AM - 12 PM

It has been made clear by Brannon and Horne that they plan to pursue changes to our current homeschool laws; they are not on our side. We made quite an impression last week, and by going ahead with a "homeschool freedom" rally we can send the message that our homeschool laws do not need any additional restrictions.

*** Friends, our statewide homeschool community has been strongly united by the proposal of H3478. It is exciting to see the impact we can make when we work together to protect our freedoms. We must not lose sight of how easily our rights can be taken and we must remain watchful, diligent, and involved to continue to protect our freedom.**

Here are the details for the rally:

Parking: Metered parking is on Assembly Street, Sumter Street, and Main Street. There are also several parking garages on Park Street.

Dress: There is not a dress code for this event except to dress in a respectable manner. If a homeschool group or family wishes to wear matching shirts, that is perfectly acceptable, but not required.

Signage: If you wish to bring signs to the Statehouse, they must be handheld. The Statehouse does not allow signs to be staked into the ground. It is best to use short, to the point, slogans. "Protect Homeschool Freedom" or "No to H3478" are good examples. Please feel free to share your great slogans on the FB page.

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