Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spring Fever

I'm not sure who has spring fever worse, the kids or myself! We've been working on a garden & can't wait to get it all in. It's our first one in about 4 years & the kids are excited. My daughter is waiting impatiently for the sunflowers to come up.
We're working on finishing up the school year and hope to be done in a couple weeks. I'm thrilled with how much they've learned this year & how independent they've become. They want to do more workbooks next year. That's fine with me because it'll mean less work for me. I'm looking at getting them AOP Lifepacs. My daughter wants me to hurry up & order them so she can start on them over the summer. Don't these kids know what summer vacation means? Just kidding, I'm tickled that they enjoy learning.
I still need to find more hands on activities for my 9 year old son. He likes building things, electrical stuff, anything to do with pipes, wires, wood, or science. I found a few things online that I know he would enjoy but they are so expensive. Any tips would be great!
Well, it's time to grade their math.